The Student Nurse Diaries #3 // Where Have I Been!?

Hiya everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Today it’s time for a good old catch up! During my 5 month gap from blogging a lot has happened, so I thought it would be nice to share what’s gone on in my crazy life! I’ve officially finished first year now and will be beginning second year in January. I’ve really enjoyed first year but it has brought a lot of new challenges too. But I’ll get more into that, so let’s get into the post!



Since September, I have had 6 different placements! It started with 3 different one week spoke placements, which included an endoscopy unit, colorectal specialist nurses and community nursing. I really enjoyed all of these placements and it was really fun to be able to experience so many different specialities. After my spoke placements I went back to my hub ward for 5 weeks to be signed off for first year. I really enjoyed these few weeks as my mentor gave me more independence and allowed me to have my own patients! The last 4 weeks of first year were spent doing preferred options placements, two of my choices were a surgical ward and a short stay unit. I spent 2 weeks at each of these places. I found that I didn’t enjoy the surgical ward as much as my medical ward but I loved the short stay unit! This is definitely an area I’d like to spend more time in!

Last assignment of first year.

My final assignment of first year was a 3000 word case study about a patient that I had worked with. I found this quite difficult to write as I had never written anything like it before. But once I finally got into the flow, the ideas started flooding in! It did however lead to several late nights and a lot of stress! But I received the results 4 weeks later and managed to get 75% and I was over the moon!

Final tripartite and portfolio.

During my last weeks at my hub ward, I was working to complete my practice portfolio. This included essential evidence and competencies. I found this super stressful but my mentor was so supportive and helped me to meet all of my requirements as well as my own personal goals for placement! The final tripartite meeting was my worst nightmare as I absolutely hate being put on the spot and asked questions about myself. But I made sure to prepare for the meeting and went in with an open mind, so it didn’t go quite as bad as I thought it would! My mentor and the zoned academic signed me off as competent and I strolled out with my head held high (after a few tears haha!).

Christmas break.

On December 2nd I came home for the Christmas holidays and this break was well overdue! I did 12 weeks of placement with only a week study break in between. So as soon as I got home, I pretty much did nothing for about a week! I had a fab time chilling out, catching up with friends and seeing my family again! It was such a lovely Christmas and I have thoroughly enjoyed the break!

Preparing for second year.

After New Years, I stared thinking about 2nd year and how I wanted to prepare myself for it. So I’ve set myself some goals to complete before I properly get back into lectures. I’m going to make myself some solid revisions notes and flash cards of things that I did in first year. I’m also researching things that I didn’t know much about in first year so that I can go into second year feeling more confident! I’m feeling hopeful for this year and I’m preparing myself for more hard work and challenges, bring it on!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! and as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Loved this post, and bless you for the work that you do! I can imagine it’s a hard job for anyone to do, especially students. All the best – beth x

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    1. Thank you so much! That really means a lot! Xx


  2. Nancy says:

    Happy New Year! Welcome back from your little break. It is great that you had a lot of placements – you get to learn a lot and learn about the tricks of the trade. It is great that you got to complete your portfolio as well. Good luck with your gaols for 2020~!

    Nancy ā™„


  3. Soph Hearts says:

    It’s so interesting to hear the ins and outs of a nursing degree- my cousin has just graduated and I found her course and placements so interesting. It’s great to hear that you’re ready to smash your second year- good luck!
    Soph – x

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