How I Practice Self Care

Hiya everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I hope your all having a lovely week so far, mine has been spent moving back to uni and starting lectures again! But today I thought I would dedicate a blog post to self care and why it’s so important! One of my goals for 2020 is to put myself first and to take more time for self care! I often get carried away with uni and placement and end of neglecting my self care! So I’m going to try to set aside one day a week to pamper myself and take some more time for me!

Here’s a few things that I love to do:

  • Take a bath or shower – one of the highlights of coming home from uni for the holidays is that I get to have baths again! There’s nothing I love more then filling the bath with bubbles and chucking in a bath bomb! I just think it’s so relaxing, especially with some music and a couple of candles lit!
  • Hair and skincare – this is a must for me! I’m a sucker for a face mask especially if my skin is playing up! I’ve recently started trying hair masks too as my hair can sometimes look a bit dry and damaged! I also make a point to shave and moisturise so I feel super smooth! Having clean hair and fresh skin just makes me feel amazing!
  • Nails – as a student nurse I don’t often get to have my nails painted. So when I’m off I like to make the most of it! It makes me feel more put together and means that my hands look so much nicer!
  • Music – I absolutely love music and can’t seem to do anything without it, from having a bath to getting ready and chilling out. So I’ll definitely put some relaxing music on while having a pamper night!


  • Environment – by this I mean setting the atmosphere! I think this is super important when having a chilled night, I like to have fairy lights and candles. Which makes the room look aesthetically pleasing and smell amazing!
  • Watch some Netflix or read a book – I like to have something to do whilst I’m relaxing in the bath. Sometimes I watch Netflix (I’m currently watching season 2 of YOU which is amazing btw) or read a book (currently reading twas the night shift before Christmas!).
  • No social media – I like to take a little time away from social media when I have a chill night to have a break from the screen and take time for me!
  • Snacks – snacks are a must for me. Whether that’s chips and dip or chocolate and a good old cup of tea!

How do you like to practice self care!?

As always, thanks for reading!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. amymayj says:

    I love the fairy lights in your room, they’re so pretty! You have a similar self care routine to me – I can’t resist a bit of pampering and a good Netflix binge! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rachel 🌷 says:

      Thank you!! You can’t go wrong 🙂 x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. With the job i do my nails get chipped sooo easily so whenever i do paint my nails i have a proper self-care sesh with it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rachel 🌷 says:

      That’s the worst! But I suppose you’ll get some self-care time! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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