Updated University Room Tour

Hiya everyone and welcome back to my blog!

About this time last year I did a room tour of my room in university halls. But since then I have ,over into a student house with my flat mates so have a brand new room. I love seeing people room tours so today I thought I would share mine! I love my little room and am really pleased with how it has turned out!

My favourite part of my room is my bed, I get the best nights sleep in this bed which is amazing for my sleep schedule but terrible when it comes to actually getting up in the morning! This bed is a 3/4 so it is perfect for me as I love to starfish! My bed sheets are from ASDA and I am loving the marble theme. I get all of my bedsheets from ASDA because they are great quality, have lovely patterns and are really affordable too! I also have my massive blanket from Wilko, throw cushions from Primark and big shark from IKEA! I wish I had put my fairy lights on in this picture because I am loving them! I bought them just after Christmas from Amazon and I just think they add so much to my room!

At the end of my bed, I have my little desk area! I love how this is decorated and it is perfect for sitting down and getting lots of work done. The desk has lots of compartments too which is super handy since I have a LOT of stuff! My printer takes up a lot of space but it is really handy for all of the documentation I need to print as a student nurse! My hanging plant is from IKEA and I love it so much. I then have my calendar to remember all of my important dates and placement shifts! My gold baskets are from ASDA and I think they are so cool to display things in rather than a regular box!

My door has some hooks on the back so I keep my most used coats and bags on here so I can grab them as I am leaving my room. Then next to that is my wardrobe which is HUGE! It is really tall so inside there is space for hanging clothes, 2 shelves and 4 drawers. This means there is plenty of space and I can keep my clothes, shoes and other bits and bobs in here too!

I have an on-suite toilet in room which is a bit different to last year. I had my own shower last year but I share one with 2 other people this year. But I really don’t mind as I have a toilet and sink in my room so I only have to use the downstairs bathroom for a shower but I can wash my face, etc in my own room! Two rooms in our house have a shower so I means there isn’t many people who have to share so there’s never any issues of having a shower whenever you want to!

This is just a picture of my toilet, nothing special but it does the job! Overall I am loving living in a student house so much more than halls. I just think its so much more sociable and feels like more of a home. I felt that halls was like living in a hotel not a home so I have really enjoyed this year! It’s much cheaper too which is a plus!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and thanks for reading!

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  1. Your room is lovely, you’ve decorated it beautifully. I think I’d sleep really well in that bed too, it looks so cosy and snuggly, I will have to get myself down to Wilko for a browse. And your fairly lights wall hanging is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your room with us 🙂

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  2. amymayj says:

    Your room looks lovely and I especially love the twinkly lights! I never did halls but I think if I had done I most definitely would have needed a room with my own toilet – the thought of sharing with a load of other people in one house fills me with anxiety! 😂

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  3. Fairy lights are an absolute must! I have mine strung around a big rattan basket and it just looks so cute!

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